Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, March 30, 2023

El Faro! Walk! Cherry Blossom! Bike! 3.30.23

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:44 pm  

Last night I discovered the Cadena Ser app. It has a LOT of different podcasts on it. Makes it way better for listening practice than just on the live radio. Most to the time they’re covering a soccer game when I’m listening.



One of the big hills on my walk.

I trimmed the growing tip of my cherry blossom tree. I’m going to try and keep it below the height of the telephone wire.

It does have some flowers!

Cleaned off my tools and lubricated them with WD 40 after using them to plant the pink magnolia at Azalea. Cleaned my shoes.

Swept the kitchen.


The azaleas look beautiful.

Rode 5.89 miles. My stomach was really cramping. Probably ate too much for lunch. Cut the ride short because it started getting dark.

Swept the kitchen.

I enjoy seeing the pileated woodpecker.

Lunch with K.

Spanish jokes.

Pizza for J.

Tight competition.