Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Español! Walk! Supplies! Azalea! T&G! 9.5.23

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:20 pm  



Walked 2.72 miles.

Fifteen hills.

Went in to T&G to talk to Jason about my car. It’s started running rough again.

Ate lunch at LT then went to the Dollar Tree to get poster board for the kid’s projects.

Gave a donation to Wikipedia. I think it’s a great project to support: the world’s encyclopedia.

Left an email with Tim Deter about insurance for my trip to Guatemala. He says it’ll be around $100 or so. We’ll see. Probably a good idea to have that, although it’s something new for me.

Went by the office to check the mail. A couple of checks in there.

Had a good talk with my Mom today. We are looking at dates for her to come visit us in December. Amen. The girls have two weeks off.

Great to see my girls again!

Got some pizza for the kids.

Listened to Don Cheto on the way home.

Water issues in our neighborhood.

Dropped my car off at T&G this evening after getting back from the mission. Kathy picked me up. They should be able to look at it first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully, it’ll be done in time to go to the mission.

The chip in my card malfunctioned only about three months. That was weird to me. Got a brand new on in from Bank of America this evening. All activated and ready to go.

Incredible competition this week. Wow.