Whirlwind Missions

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Español! Walk! Oil! Prep! 9.17.23

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:23 pm  

Glad to see Baylor win yesterday after a 0-2 start! I never watch the games live. I just watch the highlights. Kind of like I did with the World Cup.



I’m still trying to figure out all the quirks of the past subjunctive tense.

I leave for Guatemala in less than two weeks. I’ve been checking the weather in the two locations I’ll be staying at regularly. Actually, quite similar temperatures to the ATL. The altitude is over 4,000 ft higher, however!

A piece of pithy wisdom from one of my heroes, Kevin Kelly of Wired magazine.

Walked my hill nineteen times this morning.

3.44 miles in all. I walked for a 1.52 hours.

Where the pace suddenly skyrockets is when I went inside.

I trimmed K’s toenails for her. It’s a hard job that she can’t do.

Also checked and added some oil to her truck. I use my headlight to see inside the depths of the engine.

Swept the deck. seemed like about 1,000 acorns.

I’ve still got a bit of a cold. Had a headache today. Rested rather than biking. Just seemed like the wise thing to do.

Made a set of copies of all my valuable documents for my money belt. I’m still getting all my gear together. Worked on finding all my cold weather stuff today. I’m washing a lot of it before I put it in my backpack in my suitcase. I doubt I’ll need it much until I climb the volcano. Some of the evenings might get nippy, but doubt I’ll need my full winter stuff then.

Enjoyed playing Horizon Zero Dawn.

I’ll be coming in a strong second this week.