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Monday, December 10, 2007

Tim A. Cummins @ 12:00 pm  

Fun day today!

Watched Dr. Merrit’s message on the mosaic of life for Christians. Interesting. We’re all part of the puzzle!

Biked around Stone Mountain with Kathy–5 miles!

Then off to the zoo to see some animals before sunset. The lions were about to be fed and were really close to the glass. I couldn’t get over how big they were. That’s one big cat! I also enjoyed watching the Turaco–one of my favorite birds.


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:51 pm  

Enjoyed a peaceful morning.

Ran four miles around noon.  Tried out my new running pants.  Couldn’t believe how warm it was–nearly 70!

Worked through all me email.  Checked on my calls.

K and I went to Taco Bell then over to Block Buster where I made a list of a bunch of movies that might be good to watch.  I got home and added them to my Netflix list.  If you’d like to try Netflix, let me know and I’ll send you the code by email and you can get a free month!


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tim A. Cummins @ 1:26 pm  

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Went to the dentist this morning.  After the cleaning the doctor told me that they did an “unacceptable job” on the crown they put in in June.  So, I have to go back in January and have it redone.  At least I don’t have to pay again.

Went shopping with Jesse for some sports clothes and fish medicine.  We always have a good time together.

Took Kathy out for Italian food.

Ran 4 miles.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tim A. Cummins @ 5:19 pm  

Ashley’s with me today! Yeah!

We’ve been a the office at FBC Doraville for hours. I’ve been calling the managers of the apartment complexes and Ashley has been updating the maps with the 14 new Mission Points we’ll be covering in this outreach! In all I’ve set up 69 sites in 14 cities around Metro Atlanta and 4 counties! Believe it or not, that’s not even all the places where we have work! God is good. We’ll be delivering food to 350 families!

Went through all my email. Working on projects for ’08.

Ashley and I went to Indian food today at Vikhyat. I always get a kick out of speaking Swahili to the Patels who run the place. One of their uncles was also there. He was completely astonished to hear me speaking Swahili. I always find that funny.

We’ll go check on the kids at Azalea in a second.

Hope to run my usual 4 miles when I get home. I was going to run this morning, but 34 degrees is too cold for an old African like me.

Fantastic sunset over downtown Atlanta tonight. Check it out!

Peace.sunset atlanta 1

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:21 pm  

I spent most of the day today with Dr. Jorge Gonzalez from Colombia and Dr. Mel Colon who is the director of the International Medical Clinic. I’m helping them get some focus groups together from the immigrant community to discover the needs in the community. Made calls to pastors to see if they could help with folks from their congregation. I spoke Spanish for about three hours straight. I understand about 85% of what I hear. I really enjoy working with languages.

Finished up about 95% of the apartment complexes for the Campus Crusade outreach on January first. So far I have about 63 set up. I’d still like to add about 7 but I need to do some research to decide which are the priority.

One day soon I’d like to be have 100 complexes where we can do work. With that number I could mobilized 1,000 people with team sizes of only 10. Definitely reachable. We’re only scratching the surface of what’s out there.

Went by Office Depot to pick up a tri-fold poster board for one of my kids at the mission. I took that over to Azalea along with a magazine of small business opportunities. I’d like for Bubba, Ernest and Jouvens to look through that. I’d wanted to buy these young men a water pressure washing system for about $300. But with the drought they can’t do it right now. Bahd luck.

Talked with a new friend working in Miami this afternoon. He and his wife have been working in the inner city there primarily with the Haitian community. The church where he works is really liberal–pushes the homosexual agenda. Some of his co-workers are actually athiests. His house just recently got broken into and now his wife feels totally unsafe. I’m encouraging them to come up to this area and plug in with our team. We’ll see what happens.

Lifted weights this morning.

Watched a gorgeous sunset. What do you think?sunset 1sunset 2

We just got back from eating Mexican food at El Torreros with my whole family and Miles–Ashley’s boyfriend. Always a good time with lively conversation. Jesse and I tend to argue too much, but even that can be fun.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:03 pm  

Working the phone, baby!

Seems like that’s what I did most of today.  Hopefully I can get done with 95% of the Campus Crusade outreach tomorrow.  Got more than half done today.

Went to Lowe’s to pick up a few small things for the FBC Doraville project for Bill.

The USB hub I use at my home office isn’t working correctly.  Went to Best Buy to pick up another one.

Ran 4 miles this morning.  Cold.  I bought some warm running pants this afternoon.

Did I mention that yesterday I got a letter from the AARP saying that I qualify to be a member now?  Dunno how that makes me feel, but not good.  I’ll be 50 next July 12.

Got word that the President of my board, Dr. Carl Barrington, was misdiagnosed with his cancer!  He has a much more moderate form than what was previously thought.  Doc told him he could live 20 plus more years!

Wish I could get a guarantee like that!


Monday, December 3, 2007

Tim A. Cummins @ 4:12 pm  

Went by Lowe’s this morning to pick up more paint for the job we’re doing at FBC Doraville. We’re redoing the white poles/fence around campus. Bill Hickey is helping me take care of that.

Picked up some more paper for the mission at the Terraces at Office Depot as well as some more laminating sheets to finish up the calendar project.

Working on the big outreach for Campus Crusade on 1/1/08. Still trying to get all the details hammered out before I call all those managers and let them know what’s happening. I hate waiting on other people. We’re still way ahead of the date when we’ll go over so I’m not worried. Yet.

Followed up on the rest of my phone calls. Did some counseling with a mother who’s daughter and son in law are working in Miami and having a really hard time of it. I’ll call the couple this afternoon.

Waded through all my email. Got some really good news about the President of my Board, Carl Barrington. Looks like they may have misdiagnosed his cancer. Doctor says he has a moderate type of cancer and can live for another 20 years! PTL!!

I never know what to think when someone tells me they have “X amount of years to live.” I count it a blessing to get every day! If you do as much driving as I do, you’d know what I’m talking about. I average at least 50 miles every day in some of the worst traffic imaginable.

I’ll head over to the mission at Azalea in a few minutes to check on the kids.



Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:26 pm  

Kathy and I went to FBC Mountain Park this morning.  Pastor Bill Blanchard spoke from Matthew 2 on “Wise Men Seek Him.”  That’s for sure! Good spirit in one of my favorite churches!

I worked on organizing all the pictures we took this weekend at Kensington Station this morning.  There were about four galleries of pictures.  I have to get the pictures from the SD cards (of three cameras!), compress them using Photoshop Elements, then upload them to our site on Smugmug, then rotate the pictures that are vertical, then create galleries and separate them.  We have over 50,000 pictures in our Photo Gallery.  Sweet!  Yesterday’s blog has some pictures from the event.

We went over to eat at Folks for lunch.  Fried catfish was good!

Got home and rested and watched a show on Armageddon on the History channel.  Did you know that was the location of the first recorded battle in history?  Between the Hittites and the Egyptians.

Just got back from running 4 miles.  I got a little Ipod shuffle for Christmas (early!)  Put some music on it and ran.  Fun.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:21 pm  

Sure was a beautiful day today. And what a sunset!

Went to the luncheon for the volunteers for Bennett Ekandem at Willow Branch. Good crowd of some mighty sweet volunteers. I gave a short greeting and emphasized how important it is that our volunteers try and generate more volunteers.

Then over to Kensington Station to help with the Christmas party hosted by Midway Macedonia Baptist Church. We had a good crowd of kids and the volunteers did a great job. I really liked Doug Allison who dressed as a shepherd and told the Christmas story. The kids seemed to like their presents too.
Good day!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Tim A. Cummins @ 3:53 pm  

Spent the morning going through my email and finishing my financial report.

Ran 5.2 miles. Twisted one of my ankles a little bit.  Still finished the run ok.

Caught up with all my phone calls.

Starting to print more calendars to take to Georgetown.


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