Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Tim A. Cummins @ 1:59 pm  

Windy day here in Atlanta.  Nearly blows my hat off my old bald head.

I’ve been trying to track down a scrapbook for one of the kids at the mission to use in his class.  I don’t think these teachers have any idea how hard it is to find stuff like that.  I finally found something I think he can use.  It’s amazing how long it takes to do “easy” jobs.

I had such a happy thing happen yesterday.  For about 6 months I thought I’d lost the first year of the Outreach Updates that our ministry put out.  I was so discouraged about losing something that I thought was very valuable–at least from an emotional point of view.  I told Jesse, “It’s somewhere safe.  So safe, I can’t even get at it.”  I started looking in the safest places possible and I found them!  They were in another binder with web site stuff.  PTL!  I bought some new binders today so I can separate the years and keep them safe and sound.

I consider myself a really organized person.  My confidence is shaken when I lose something like that.  Much better now.

Jesse and I worked on the web site for hours last night.  We’re still going through the www.whirlwindmissions.org  site with a fine tooth comb.  Yesterday we organized the buttons and started working on a new blog site.  Eventually, the blog will be located on our site rather than Xanga.  I’ll let everyone know when it moves.

Special props to the folks who SUBSCRIBE to this effort!  I really appreciate you guys the most.  Do you know how to do RSS stuff?  If you don’t know what it stands for, you probably don’t.  Jesse is always encouraging me to use the best methods of distribution and he swears RSS is the way to go.  When we roll it out, we’ll include simple instructions on how to do it.  Then it’ll be “goodbye Xanga.”

Jesse and I also figured out how to do a Donation page on our web site.  We linked it to the NAMB site for donations.  Now on our web site you can click on “To Donate” it’ll take you directly to the page associated with our ministry and you can use your visa card to set it up regularly or a one time gift.  Pretty slick.

I need to go over to Azalea to give the kids the stuff I tracked down for them.

Pray for my Bengali kids at the mission.  There were at least 15 yesterday, all playing together, chatting in Bengali.

Worked out hard on weights this morning.  Feeling good.