Whirlwind Missions

Friday, January 27, 2017

Research! Family! Sickish!

Tim A. Cummins @ 12:20 am  

Wednesday I wasn’t feeling well.

Spent a lot of time in bed resting.

I wrote my newsletter and produced it. Emailed it to our friend at the Atlanta Metro Baptist Association.

Printed out the labels for our donors.

While I was in bed, I worked on the Research List.

I’m making great progress.

So far I’ve completed 13 of the 14 states on my original list.

There are 157 cities I’ve worked through so far. I still need to finish Illinois and then the initial project will be complete. I have added over 630 churches to the list.

We enjoyed Thai food together on Wednesday.

Thursday, I’m still not feeling that well, but I’m better. I continued to work on the Research List.

Enjoyed watching Raising Hope with K. She’s been feeling even worse than me.

Jesse came over for lunch. Always great to spend time with him.

Penelope is feeling bad. She’s running a fever and had a bad time last night. K is running a low grade fever too.

Admin duties now.

I’m planning on going to Chattanooga tomorrow for a Youth Director conference. Hope I’m feeling well enough. All three of my girls are sick are taking care of sick people.

I liked this bumper sticker.

New high scores.