Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Portuguese! Carl! Tire! Mission! David!

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:31 pm  

Studied Portuguese this morning. Go, brain!

Lotta days straight!
Interesting who follows me on Twitter!

Jesse showed me his 3D puzzle that his friend printed for him. Groovy!
Got groceries at Walmart. Also picked up a commando saw. I’m hoping to use it to trim some branches. Not overly optimistic.
Got food for the birds and raccoons.

Lots of recycle. I got ride of the drains that Ashley’s dog had chewed up.

Mixed up sugar water for the hummingbirds.

I always enjoy seeing those little guys out my window.

I liked this little mushroom I saw while I was cleaning the bird feeders.

Early this morning I went to Tires Plus to get the tire chosen so they could fix Ashley’s truck. I was glad to get her tire fixed!

Then went to Providence Christian Academy to meet with my good friend Carl Barrington.

He has been a wonderful support to our family and to Whirlwind Missions. I honestly don’t think there would have been a Whirlwind without Carl. He was there for me in some of the lowest periods of my life. He and his wife, Pat have been enormous help to us. It was great to see him and hear of the new adventures starting in his life! Sure do love them!

Went to the missions to help the kids. There were a LOT. Fortunately, I had some of the older kids to help the younger ones. Ashley had a doctor’s appoinment today. Fun with the kids!

Went by the church to get an envelope with a key for our team coming in late Friday night. Looking forward to working with Ben Birdsong this Saturday. He’s another of my favorites!

I heard from my friend David Hill as I was leaving the mission!GREAT to see friends!

He’s a NoZe Brother from Baylor that I’ve known for over 20 years! He was in the ATL to see family. The timing worked out perfectly and the restaurant was near Chamblee!

He has a truly beautiful family!

Their aunts took me out to eat, too! What a blessing. The food was delicious!

What a wonderful way to end a super cool day.