Whirlwind Missions

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Portuguese! N. Gwinnett Church! Plaza Fiesta! Azalea!

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:17 pm  

Studied Portuguese this morning!

Ashley and I had fun briefing our team from N. Gwinnett Church on Mexican Catholicism!

Senor Tim! Orale!

After our prayer time, we took them to Plaza Fiesta!

The food was delicious!

Took them on a tour of Plaza Fiesta!

Saint Jemima?

After our tour, a group of the team came to help us move things from the mission in preparation for Ashley’s family!

We took all the books out.

Cleaned the closets.

Organized all the supplies and put everything into the living room closet. Including 26 chairs!

All the books and some supplies we took to St. Vincent de Paul. They can distribute them to needy families.

They might even end up in Africa!

I always head towards signs like this.

I love my Apple Music. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying during my bike rides this week.

Always something new!

Came home to rest. My voice is a bit shot from yelling. Typical.

Also icing my elbow. Thank you, LORD for providing a team to help me move stuff. I would be totally suffering if I had tried to lift all those books!

Productive day.

Next week, we’ll start painting. Then a final clean up before moving starts.