Whirlwind Missions

Friday, December 1, 2017

Portuguese! Passport! Azalea! Fred!

Tim A. Cummins @ 1:30 am  

This morning I studied Portuguese! Certo!

My mentor Fred Sorrells came into town this evening. I worked on getting out a media kit to the TV stations in the ATL as well as the newspapers. Did research on the contact person for each of the media outlets and sent them all news releases.

I was contacted by my friend Alberto Dell-isola from Brazil this morning. I sent him the particulars from my passport as well as the days that I’ll be coming to Brazil. I’m spending about five extra days in country. Since they’re paying my way and my airbnbs it’s worth it to get a little bang out of their buck!

I printed off all the labels for our newsletter.

Went by Post Office to get stamps.

Also to Walmart to pick up some more small envelopes.

Printed off some cards to memorize passages in Portuguese. It’s all about speaking out loud. It’s important to memorize blocks of speech. It’s not only about the words, it’s about the pronounciation of the words correctly at speed.

I can look at these cards when I’m driving and practice the pieces over and over again.
Just like I memorize Bible verses!
Paid bills.

Wrote two chapters in my book.

Beauty trees on the way to Azalea!

The kids at the mission helped us do the labels!

I still need to put the return labels on them and get the newsletter inserted.

Enjoying Suggestible You.

Met up with the Haitian Para Olympic soccer team this evening at FBC Mountain Park! My good friend Fred Sorrells was there! I’ve missed Fred! We had many good times working together in Zimbabwe, S. Africa and Madagascar. I’ve never been more productive that when we worked together!

I helped them find housing at FBC Mountain Park. The church was SO generous to us! Sure do appreciate them especially Kevin Lamb.

You don’t see this every day!

Fred and I went to Walmart to get groceries for the guys in the morning.
Got home around midnight.
Admin duties now.