Whirlwind Missions

Monday, July 2, 2018

Pelham! BHFM! Missions! Book! Podcast! 7.2.18

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:51 pm  

Studied Spanish and Swahili this morning.

More progress in Swahili.

Mileage report.

Ashley, the girls and I enjoyed briefing our team from FBC Pelham, AL.

Took them on safari to the Buford Highway Farmers Market.

Always tasty.

Then to the missions!

Ashley had a problem with one of her eyes. I sent her home early to take some allergy medicine and eyedrops and rest.

Just released a new episode of Verbal Surgery -571- “Mountain Bottom.”

Just click on the title and GROOVE!

Link on Facebook.

Got a couple of new headshots for the cover of my paperback version of Story Tim. Not sure if my camera will shoot it in high enough definition.

Helped my friend Fred Sorrells to get some new equipment for his iPhone.

Never seen this before.

I’ve seen this van a couple of times.

Fantastic clouds.

Gassed up my car. Sudden jump in gas prices.

Transported squirrel #34 to the forest this evening. That’s five in three days.

Will work on seeing if the pictures will work for the book cover, otherwise figure out a Plan B.