Whirlwind Missions

Monday, November 5, 2018

FBC Georgetown! Prep! Family! 11.4.18

Tim A. Cummins @ 12:26 am  

Had a great time with my mom, Peggy Cummins, at FBC Georgetown this morning!

I spoke to the Life class of Barbara Hays. Wonderful to see lifetime friends there. I told about my background in mission work and what I was doing now in the ATL.

Studied languages this afternoon.

Helped set up for the Day of Prayer conference at Main Street BC this afternoon. Took a couple of hours. Looks great! I’ll be speaking on Monday evening.

Came home to rest. My left ear is still horribly stopped up. Doesn’t really hurt, just can’t hear out of it very well.

My brother, Jim, and his family came over to eat this evening. Fantastic to be with them. Love my brother!

Olivia always cracks me up.

Sadie and Harper are awesome!

Great to see Dave! He’s doing great things with the school system in Georgetown.

Kathy is taking good care of my brother!

Katie is really making a name for herself with her band, Tough on Fridays. They played SXSW this year. That really impressed me.

I asked Liz, who is my nephew Jacob’s wife, what I should do about my ear congestion. She recommended Sudafed for me. Had to go to Round Rock to pick it up. But glad I started on meds. I hate flying when I have a known ear problem. It can really be pure anti-zest.

Admin duties now.