Whirlwind Missions

Friday, November 8, 2019

Grandgirls! Carl! 11.8.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:30 pm  

I continued watching the Netflix documentary on Bill Gates last night. Such a good show! Highly recommend.

Did my brain training and Spanish study this morning. It’s a way of life!

Fun talk with my buddy, Anthony.

Gassed up my car.

One of my best friends is Carl Barrington. It looks like he’s almost ready to go be with the Lord. Had a good time with him today. Sad to think he probably won’t be with us much longer. I’ve nearly been killed six times. So I know what it’s like to stare death in the face. You have to live with passion and with urgency. That also is a way of life.

Went to Azalea to watch the grand girls this afternoon. We had a good time together as always.

Released a new episode of Verbal Surgery -711- “FUNishment”

Penelope packed this as a lunch. I thought this was hilarious. Whole thing of broccoli.

Ashley took my car so I hung out later and jammed with Miles. Fun!