Whirlwind Missions

Monday, October 5, 2020

Spanish! Calls! Bike! 10.4.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:41 am  

Ordered and picked up groceries.

Spent extra time studying Spanish.

Enjoying reading Entangled Life.

Did my brain training.

Put the new edition of Verbal Surgery on my computer to release later.

Had a great time talking to my buddy Anthony and to my Mom. Also tried calling my brother, Jim, but he was riding his bike and wasn’t available.

Listened to Harry Potter in Spanish while I was driving and while I was riding my bike. I’m enjoying using the new Translate app on my phone to help me learn words.

I cleaned my shoes yesterday and let them dry out. Today I shot them with the spray paint. Sure does make a difference. The shoe on the left hasn’t been painted yet, just the cleaning helps a log.

These are just my work shoes. I also ride my bike in them. They get grease from my bike chain on them. The primer paint completely covers it up.

I enjoyed watching a family of blue birds enjoy the bird bath. It’s funny, I always kind of thought this was the “useless” bird bath because it kept so little water in it. You can notice how the middle section has a shallow dome. I never really thought how that could be a feature and not a deficit.

Rode my bike 6.07 miles. I haven’t been super enthusiastic about riding because it’s getting colder. But if I keep the ride shorter it still seems fun.

Went to sleep early. Caught up on my blog early Monday morning.