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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Portuguese! Warhol! Spiderman! Yard!

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:33 pm  

Studied Portguese this morning!
Watered my plants.

Cleaned and refilled all my bird feeders.
Went to downtown Atlanta to see the Andy Warhol exhibit at the High Museum of Art.

It was a fun walk from my car to the exhibit!

I always think of the Amazon jungle when I see Verbena.

The High is a great museum!

I really like Warhol’s style.

They had a lot of his earliest work.

Lots of famous quotes by this modern art master!

This one really impacted me. I have had a camera constantly by my side for over twenty years now.

I love his industrial work.

His Marilyns are my favorites.

He did many of these works in sets of ten.

I liked his signature.

Interesting themes.

Self reflection.

I liked this one a lot.

He designed work for the Rolling Stones.

I have a fascination with skulls.

He had a major impact on Pop Art.

My favorite!

Did the grocery shopping on the way home.

Uploaded pictures to Smugmug and Instagram.

Then went to see Spiderman. Fun movie.

Came home to work in the back yard.
Picked up hundreds of sticks.
I mowed nearly a half acre.
I was drenched with sweat.

Hard to push and 1.39 miles!

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