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Monday, October 2, 2017

Penelope! Portuguese! Painting! Mission! Bike!

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:01 pm  

GREAT to have Penelope spend the night! She’s always such a blessing!

I studied Portuguese and caught up on my blog this morning. I was totally crashed out last night with Penelope.

Penelope helped me clean the glass door.

She took a nap after lunch and I painted the deck furniture.

Just about ready to put everything back up on the deck! Jesse will be putting his tent back up soon. He’s looking forward to moving back outside.

I updated my phone to the new iOS10. I like it for the most part. Has some small bugs that bother me. I’ll figure it out.

Enjoyed holding my new grand baby! Everly is SO beautiful!

Ashley was the first one out to start helping the kids. She is an amazing young woman!

Miles is such a great Dad!

I always have fun teaching the children. It’s not easy sometimes, but still very rewarding!

Came home to ride my bike 4.87 miles.

I won’t do that again. Got too dark. Not safe. It wasn’t completely dark, and I did have a light on my bike for safety, but still.

I mean when the street lights come on and the moon is bright, it’s too dark.

Watched An Idiot Abroad with K. I think it’s pretty funny.
Admin duties now.

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