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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Podcast! Prep! 10.21.17

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:07 pm  

Recorded a new podcast this morning! “Shiny Dirt” is super groovy! Also went live talking about it on Facebook. Fun!

Ashley was commenting while I was going live today. She told me Penelope really liked it.

Over 90,000 downloads now!

Reviewing in Duolingo, moving at about five times my normal speed. Also spent some time studying verbs.

While I was there, I noticed these clear “zipper clouds.”

The were very low. Easy to see the concentrations.

I got a new adaptor for my iPhone 7+. With this I can listen and charge my phone at the same time.

Cleaned my fish tank. They should be fine until I get back on November 6th now. Jesse will continue to feed them. I also have some “weekend blocks” to put with the. They also eat the algae on the back of the tank. I purposely don’t clean that area specifically for that reason.
Watered 1/3 of my plants. Ran out of distilled water. I’ll get more after church.
I had a fun message from my Brazilian friends Marcella and Flavio today. It’s cool to be able to understand what they say. I’d say I’m at around 80% comprehension if they speak slowly.

Before I take a trip, I photograph the days in the Bible when I’ll be gone. Books are heavy to haul around.

Doing research on where I’m staying my first night in London. A hostel called the “Dictionary.” I’ll be on a bunk bed with 16 other people. Not in the same bed! Three nights I’ll be at the hostel Another three nights I’ll be in a AirBnB which is within short walking distance where the Hilton is where the conference will be held. Didn’t want to have to hassle with local transport late.

I’ll use Google maps Street view and memorize all the land marks I’ll need when I’m on foot to and from the underground and the train station.

That strategy worked great for my trip to Israel. I recognized all the land marks as if I had already been there!

Living in the future, baby!

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