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Saturday, November 11, 2017

UK 2017!

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:35 pm  

Just got back from the UK! A fantastic time was had!

I had hoped to see the Northern Lights, but bad weather kept us from going far enough north. Bahd luck.
I continued to study Portuguese during my trip. It paid off with being able to speak to my new Brazilian friends!
It was wonderful to see old friends like my buddy Marcus Lewis!
Anthony and Marcus took me to Brick Lane to see the cool graffiti.

I also got to meet one of my mentors Freddy Jacquin who is Anthony’s dad!

They let me participate on the Hypnotherapy diploma course. Cool!

The Head Hackers were reunited!

This year I used the buses a lot. Mr. Google helped me figure them totally out!

It was great to be able to study with Anthony and his Dad!

Always something cool to shoot.

One night, we went bowling!

More Brick Lane coolness.

Banksy. My favorite modern artist.

I had so much fun hanging out with my best friend, Anthony Jacquin.

I stayed my first night in London at the Dictionary Hostel.

The next night I stayed at an apartment that Anthony had rented.

Had a blast getting to know the Brazilian team! Loved them!

Anthony took us on walkabout to see the Thames and London at night.
It was beautiful!

I got up early one morning to go and see the other major part of the Head Hacker family, Kev Sheldrake! Great to meet up with buddies!

My main reason for going to the UK was for the UK Hypnosis Convention. I was one of the speakers. Anthony, Freddy Jacquin and Bob Burns were part of the PreConvention classes. They let me take their classes as well. I learned a lot!

Bob is in my elite circle of best friends. I adore him and his Scottish humor!

Terrific gang of talented and super funny people.

James Brown is one of the best magicians on the planet and an amazing hypnotist.

Alberto did a terrific presentation on using social media to build your business.

I loved the Brasileros so much!

Gary Turner was my mentor for losing weight.

Some of the top hypnotists in the world were at this conference.

I loved getting to know Freddy Jacquin better.

He did a great job at the conference!

My best friend, Anthony Jacquin nailed it!

I was the final presenter and completely blew them away!

Great to meet Cesar! He will be my translator in Brazil.

One of the conference attendees had a big board fall on her. I was glad I was there to help!

After the conference, we went back to Derby. I love the English countryside!

It’s great to have good friends!

Then back to the ATL!

Came home and got right back into my routine of riding my bike!

Penelope spent the night with me Friday night!

Went on Safari to the International Village to pick up a few little things for a friend of mine.

One of my best trips ever! GREAT to be back home with my loved ones!

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