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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Podcast! Mission! Penelope!

Tim A. Cummins @ 2:48 pm  

Released a new podcast on Tuesday and went LIVE on Facebook. Verbal Surgery -535- “UN Control!”

How to gain the upper hand with your mind! Click on the title and feel good, NOW!

Uploaded to server.

Link on Facebook.

I redid the organization of my new book Story Tim!

I put all the relaxation and visualization material at the end. Also redacted any mention of hypnosis. It’s just not necessary to even use the term.
GREAT to see this project moving along. Also edited a few mistakes that Ashley found on her readthrough. I’m looking forward to seeing her illustrations.

Reading Enlightenment Now. A very positive and interesting book.

Saw some fascinating con trails yesterday. I’ve only seen this happen a few times. The water vapor doesn’t seem to diffuse.

Went to FBC Doraville to pick up checks. Also left a message with John Mahoney about setting up for our team on Monday this coming Thursday. I have a mission conference starting Friday and lasting the entire weekend.

Went to the mission to help the kids. No homework because of testing.

I took Penelope home with me to give Ashley a chance to work on the donor list. Every year in March we notify everyone on the list who has not donated that they will drop off the newsletter list if they don’t send a note back.

Penelope was fabulous.

Such a sweet family. So full of love.

I took Penelope to the park to play on the train.

Then took her to another park at PDK Airport. Beautiful sky and we must have seen at least twenty planes take off or land. FUN!

I got about seven hours of sleep last night. Penelope was feeling a lot better than she was last time!
I basically go to sleep when she does and wake up when she does. So no admin duties last night.

Better to focus on Penelope!

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