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Monday, April 9, 2018

E-book! FBA! Mission! 4.9.18

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:10 pm  

Last night I continued working on the e-book version of Story Tim–Adventure Land. I’m making all the fonts and pitch size consistent and making sure there are the correct page breaks.

I’ll continue with that procedure as well as study Duolingo after I finish my admin duties.
Enjoying reading Enlightenment Now. Here is another quote I like.

Kathy and I met up with Ashley and the girls at FBC Atlanta this morning.

Kathy looked for outfits. Ashley looked for clothes for Everly. I watched Penelope.

I captured and released squirrel #18 today. I cover them up to keep them calm. I tried to take a picture but they get super stressed out, so you get to see the covered version.

Here’s the area where I let them go. Several acres of wild forest.

The dogwoods outside my office window are amazing.

Went by the church to pick up mail. Lots of checks. Amen.

Went to the mission to help the kids at the mission. They are taking the Milestone test so very little homework.

I cherish every moment with Penelope. We play with the other kids outside.

I talked to Penelope about casts and molds at the beach. We saw some beach toys that could make pyramids or the Sydney Opera House. I told her how you put sand in and turned it over and it made a model. She saw toys that we got for Everly, realized that a couple of them could work as a molds.

She had a handful of dirt in her hand, that I wouldn’t let her take into the house. She wanted to get the starfish. She was very sad about that. Eventually, she put the dirt in my hand, got the starfish and came back. She filled them with dirt and made little starfish.

Flowers from the Lord.

One of the neighbors has two roosters. They wake up the neighborhood. The girls like them.

She likes riding the neighbor’s toys.

One of the girls gave Penelope a little scarf to wear.

I need to memorize my granddaughter’s birthdays!
The girls had a blast all going down the slide at the same time.

Admin duties now.

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