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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Podcast! Cleaning!

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:06 pm  

Studied Spanish and Swahili.

Recorded a new podcast this morning!

Came home and put my new cart together.

Took about an hour to put together. Very clear instructions and parts labeling
I sure put it to good use today! BIG help!

I found interesting things as I cleaned up. This was a notification that some of my art was in an exhibition in Canada! I’ve had my stuff shown in Japan, behind the Iron Curtain and in the Dallas Museum of Fine Art!
I took a look of stuff out of the south corridor today. I’ll take this dehumidifier over to the clothes closet to sell.
Lots of stuff to recyle from my cleaning outside and inside!
I set up a workstation in side to process each box of stuff.

I found the origami book where I learned the butterfly that I love. Woot!

Also found lots of envelopes and printer paper from the days when we used color paper to print on. For the last few years, our friend Joel Harrison has been printing them for us. He’ll be retiring end of this year. Not sure what we’ll do then.

Went through all the boxes, sorted and thew stuff out that wasn’t workable.

This is the area where I had kept most of my tools. When he installed the new waterheater it was bigger than the old one, so I couldn’t squeeze beside it. That blockage is what started me cleaning out the south corridor so I could access my stuff through the back section.

We had had some flooding a few years back. I had never completely cleaned it up until now.

Gotta say I love my new cart. WAY better than a wheelbarrow. And the fat tires are sick.

Another blast from the past. Here I was explaining what a Blog was, a web log. I started blogging in 2004.

Nearly a whole box full of just printer paper.

Family pics.

I started straightenening this section too, then just pooped out. Worked more than three hours on the project. Dusty, dirty work. Being outside was way easier.

Put the heaters and fans along with two suitcases in the area under the staircase.

Sorted and set up a table to set things on.

Extra stuff in the corner.

This final load I’ll take over to the clothes closet soon. Too tired to do it today.


End of the day to be recycled.

Massive difference. Pretty much like my whole week as I attacked stuff.

I walked nearly two miles hauling stuff out to the street from my room. SO glad that cart came in today.

I found some Chinese pineapples for Ashley. Originally, the gift was for Dule Hill. It never did get to him.

I’m loving my new begonias in my window.

Studied more about adding pictures to my book. Need to rethink some things since listening to that video.

Admin duties now.

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