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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

BF2! Rob! Mission! Bathroom!

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:12 pm  

I enjoy playing the videogame Battlefront 2. It’s a Star Wars themed game with all the main characters. You are actually able to play as Yoda or Luke or Han! Pretty cool. Last night I had some good games. It’s funny how you can get into flow states.

Studied Spanish and Swahili this morning.

Went to Lowes to pick up some silicon caulk to redo the bathroom shower.

Part of the job is getting all the supplies and tools you need.
Also got more suet. I like Lowe’s best.

Not sure what this means.

I liked this sign.

We had lunch with our friend Rob Martin today. Always a blessing. We took him to Pho 24. Then for some frozen yogurt.

After yogurt, I watched the girls while Ashley worked on the financial report. Stuff is hard. I got the best job for sure! Penelope crashed so I had Everly all to myself. She’s such a delight!

I swang her for a long time until the direct sun started to shine on her. Then I held her and sung and rocked. She eventually crashed out. Such a blessing these girls!

I came on home and worked on the bathroom shower. I got almost all of the old caulk off. These tools came in super handy.

One takes the caulk out. The other one smooths the new caulk on. Fabulous.
The caulk gun I have is a good one. Very precise. I also cut the hole in the tube pretty small for more control.

Looks a lot better. Tomorrow I’ll finish the last couple of feet left. Couldn’t believe I ran out right at the very end. Also need to clean the walls up with a razor blade, need to get the residue off.
Admin duties now.
I need to work on my book. Big projects keep me from working on it.

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