Whirlwind Missions

Monday, June 11, 2018

Tooth! Set up!

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:12 pm  

The yard looks better in the daylight.

Got my permanent crown on my tooth this morning!

All the work I needed done has been completed. Over $2,000.

Kathy’s cost over $1,000. She goes in in two weeks for her permanent crown to be installed.
After my tooth repair, I went to FBC Doraville to set up for The Show starting Wednesday.

Apparently, FBC Opelika took ALL of my extension cords and forgot to tell me nor to return them. That’s just not right, gringos.

I went to Walmart to get more cords so I could finish setting up the lights.
Went over to see the girls for a bit. They are SO awesome. Shocked I didn’t get any photos. Gave Penelope a new rotary tooth brush. She loves it. Pink pony style, plus strawberry flavored toothpaste.

I also took them a new stroller. We put it together. Penelope had fun helping me.
I got the emissions checked on my car on the way home. Apparently, I need a new gas cap in order to pass.

Hopefully, this will make the difference.

Studied Spanish this evening.

Admin duties now.
Back is still hurting me. Too much lawn mowing and carrying kids I reckon. I’ll try to be more careful. Hard to resist the little sweethearts.

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