Whirlwind Missions

Friday, July 6, 2018

Pelham! Global Mall! Al Madina!

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:45 am  

Wednesday evening I did a study on Japanese folk songs related to crows. The things I find interesting!

Shhhh. The soft release of my new book Story Tim is out! Kindle and paperback editions are now available! This has been a massive project that has taken me over eight months to complete. Still working on getting the audio version available.

It’s been raining nearly every day.

Set up my garden in the morning before I went to work with the teams.

Ashley and I always have a great time on our DDay–Dedication Day! FBC Pelham has been a wonderful group.

Rabbi mode!

Everly exploring the set.

Fashion show!

Girls having fun.

She’s ready to sign the Landing Pad.

“It’s up to ME” with the golden baton.

The “I will pray for” card to Jesus.

Anointing with oil.

Signing the Landing Pad.

On safari to Global Mall.


Shiv Mandir.

Al Madina.

Set up more chairs for The Show for next week.

Cleaned up and took out the trash.

To the missions to check on the teams.

Said my goodbyes then went to four more missions to give them the news that there would be a team there soon!

One of the managers wasn’t there.
Corrected one of the donor’s addresses on our list.
Dropped off the Financial Report to our Treasurer.

I bought some crow decoys to see how the crows would react.

Next week is my 60th birthday and the release of my new book Story Tim! This is my favorite birthday card from years ago.

Trapped and released squirrel #38.

Set out my game trail camera specifically to watch the crows.

Took the night off and worked on admin duties on Friday morning.

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