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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Girls! Penelope! Bike!

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:51 pm  

Got up early Friday morning to edit the three videos for our final teams of the Summer.

Uploaded each of the videos to YouTube.

For my final videos, I figured out a way to help me edit more effectively. I made a quick shot of a note card with the name of the team on it before I shot the video. Made it super simple to figure out which team was which video. Some are easy, because they have matching shirts. A lot are harder because I edit everything on my iPhone 7+ which has pretty tiny images of each clip.

Rode my bike 17.56 miles.

Ashley brought the girls over around lunch time. We went to the pool at Stone Mountain to swim. Everly mostly napped during the pool time.

It was great to watch Penelope and Kathy interact. K loves the water and P!

Ashley picked up Everly after riding the horses, then we took Penelope to the park to play. She’s completely intrepid.

We flat wore her out! Amen! She and I crashed around 10pm.

Then back at it Saturday morning!
We went to Stone Mountain to play on their playground. It has excellent shade trees!

Most of the stuff was built for older kids, but she still likes to try!

After the playground, we took her swimming again for about an hour. I mostly rested and caught some rays. Took her over to the other grandparents to play! I loved the Kendall’s hibiscus. Reminds me of Kenya.

Watered my plants.

Had supper with Kathy and Jesse. Always a blessing.

Went for a 10.77 mile bike ride this evening. Almost rode too far. Getting pretty dark. I have lights on my bike.

Beautiful clouds.

Added over thirty people to our mailing list. I went through all the cards that were turned in during the Summer. I add the adults that come with the team to see if they’ll become regular supporters of our ministry. Out of that many, hopefully at least four will stay on the mailing list. I leave them on there till about March, if they still haven’t given they drop off.
Lot of work to go through all the cards and collate the information.

I added over a hundred people on our email newsletter list until we hit the maximum of 2,000. I don’t think it’s work it to pay to add more than that. Mailchimp lets us do that many for free.
I wrote the newsletter for this month. It’s about turning 60! So all the pictures are pretty much of me! Woot!

Promoting my book, Story Tim!

Also did the labels for our newsletter and sent the PDF to our friend Joel Harrison to print for us.

Admin duties now.

I still need to work on putting the labels on the envelopes.
Jesse is also helping us get all the newsletters onto our website. There are some of the issues that he’s missing. I have to track those down.
Audible should give us the word that my book is ready to download soon. They said about two weeks. It’s that long today. Hopefully, there are no problems with it. I hired an audio engineer to tweak it, so I think it should be fine.

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