Whirlwind Missions

Friday, August 3, 2018

Podcast! Girls!

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:51 pm  

Released a new edition of Verbal Surgery -580- “Scars and Stars” this morning! The words people say to us can leave scars or stars! Click on the title and start to feel good, NOW!

Uploaded to server.

Link on Facebook.

I will be out of town with Kathy next week, so I set up the next two episodes to automatically distribute. I sent myself emails with the particulars of the episode and the direct URL link.

We have had a lot of rain in the last few days. Over 3″!

Dead branches have fallen during the storms. Always interesting to examine the lichens up close.

I’ve seen both species fairly regularly.
Cleaned and refilled my hummingbird feeders. They go through it pretty quickly. I have to refill at least once a week.

This is the first facia I’ve ever had that has bloomed again. I have six around my yard.

I cleaned out and organized the storage area under my sink in the bathroom.

Got a new wrist brace for Kathy. They seem to help her carpal tunnel.

Recorded a new episode of Verbal Surgery this morning called “Brick in a Tree.” The things that happen to us can imbed themselves in our psyche. It’s a good one!
Had lunch with Kathy, Jesse and the girls!

Took the Financial Report that Ashley makes to our treasurer.

Kathy and I took Everly and Penelope over to the pool at Stone Mountain and also to the park there.

It was the first time I’ve really seen Everly interact with the park toys.

Penelope wasn’t feeling that well, but she still had a fun time.

She’s very courageous!

Penelope had a good nap when we brought her home. Everly didn’t sleep at all. We had fun including swinging. She did great until just the last hour or so. She was ready for Mama!

The girls are SUCH a blessing. I’m glad Ashley shares them with us.
Just repaired a hole in my shoulder bag.
And helped Kathy get her phone charging. She wears out phone charger cables pretty quickly.
Admin duties now.

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