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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Podcast! Bike! Mission! 9.13.18

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:38 pm  

Studied Spanish and Swahili this morning. It’s all about consistency!

Recorded my 600th episode of Verbal Surgery this morning called “Hurry CAN!” Exiting stuff to continue to produce material that changes people’s lives! According to one of my listeners, I actually saved his life last week. Powerful to hear testimony like that.

I’m still working on memorizing the William Blake poem “Jerusalem” as well as the hymn to that title.

Not sure if you’ve watched the film “Chariots of Fire,” but the title of the movie as well as the song is featured in it.

Did the grocery shopping.

Went for a 7.02 mile bike ride this afternoon before going to the mission. Trying to work on some more routes. This one is up a very long hill.

Took a shower, then headed to the mission.

Stopped at the bank to deposit checks. Amen!

Ashley helped one of the moms at the mission with her computer. She was giving advice on some learning games for her daughter.

Always great to be with the girls!

Tomorrow, I will be watching both girls for the first time over night. I’m looking forward to it! Pray that they will feel well and be confident. That’ll be the longest time ever for Everly to be away from Mama!

I’ve enjoyed working with Adit over the years. He’s one of my favorites!

It’s fun listening to Ashley tell the Bible story.

I rode my bike another 10.76 miles when I got home. 17.78 miles in all.

Not sure what the weather holds with the hurricane on the way. Figured I’d better get as much time in as I can! Verbal Surgery and biking are my two major forms of therapy. Both make me feel GOOD!

Not sure if you can see this, but it’s a cat which has climbed a tree and using the bird bath to drink out of. Bizarre on many levels.

Just released Verbal Surgery -593- “Sneaky Tweak.”

Easy ways to change how you feel and what you can do, especially for weight loss!

Uploaded the episode to my server. This is the first time from my Mac!

Link on Facebook.

I usually release new episodes on Tuesday and Friday, but not sure how my day will be with the girls here!

I also added “Hurry CAN” to the list of my episodes “in the can.” I am a full month ahead. Unbelievable how much I love to listen to myself talk.

With this much material recorded, I will now start focusing on Live shots and video versions of the episodes. I had great fun with these last Spring.

Did a lot of calculations this evening on exactly how far my different routes are and how much time they take me to ride. It’s fairly complicated but important if I want to ride and still get home before it gets dark.

Not sure what these flowers are, but they smell like honeysuckle. Lovely.

Admin duties now.

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