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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Languages! Friends! Day of Prayer! 11.5.18

Tim A. Cummins @ 12:50 am  

As I was getting dressed, I realized that my camera case was just about to rip apart. Ordered another. Just used my iPhone 7+ as a camera.

Studied Spanish, Hebrew and Swahili this morning.

Fun chat with the girls in Atlanta. Penelope liked to play the games with the filters.

Fun talking with my pal Anthony Jacquin. Always a good time.

Had a great talk with my friend Barbara Hays. She was very enthusiastic about my talk yesterday at her SS class.

Called Anne Commagere to try and set up a time to meet with her and her family. Rebecca got in touch with me later that day. Glad we could touch base. Doctor appointments kept me from seeing them. Not easy to get together sometimes.

Mom and I ate at Dos Salsas. My favorite Mexican food restaurant in Georgetown.

After a rest, my Mom and I went to Main Street BC to do last minute prep for the Day of Prayer conference this evening. I was the key note speaker. I did my best which the ladies thought was very good. I left it on the field for sure!

We packed all the stuff and brought it back home.

Enjoyed munching on some of the goodies I brought her to enjoy. I wasn’t sure about bringing the candy to her because she always has so many great home made treats, but I think she enjoyed having something special from the ATL.

Admin duties now.

Been taking Sudafed all day long trying to get my ear to clear. Better, but still not completely recovered. Hopefully the flight won’t be too hard on me. We’ll see. I leave Austin around 2pm.

Checked into my flight home tomorrow.

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