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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Grandgirls! Bike! 4.13.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:53 pm  

I caught up on Duolingo last night. Did more this morning.

Released Verbal Surgery -652- “Fine Denial” late last night. Learn how to deny the wrong things and feel good, NOW! Just click on the title and GROOVE!

Brain Training this morning.


Sent a new email to our supporters! Ashley’s part of the newsletter!

I like the sound of both of these.

While I was at the park, I saw these water/pollen trails. Beauty is all around us!

Kathy and I took the girls to Chic-fil-a. We saw Tommy and Katie and their kids there! I think that makes them Penelope’s and Everly’s cousins.

Neither of the girls are feeling too great. Right before Ash and Miles came over to pick them up, Everly threw up all over us. So sad. Ashley said she’s feeling better now.

I trapped and released squirrel #51 today.

Went for a 13.87 mile bike ride.

I’m mostly in the fat burn speed. Perfect really. While staying above 110 BPM.

Kathy scraped the side of Jesse’s car when she was pulling out. Worked on repairing as best I can the side mirror she clobbered and buffing out the slight scrapes on the side. I’ll be able to see it better in the stronger daylight.

Admin duties now. I hope to go to sleep early today since I only got about 5.5 hours last night. Worth it!

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