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Monday, April 15, 2019

Grandgirls! Bike! Campaign! 4.15.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:13 pm  

100% sleep quality. That sounds great! I also find it interesting how long I snore.

Today, I reached the longest streak I had previously had with Brain Training using the Muse. 28 days. Glad to see a consistency of effort. That’s where the long term progress comes. Best ever result. It’s funny how I see everything as a type of video game. “High Score!”

Studied HORSE Spanish today. I sent Ashley a few of these.

Enjoyed having the grandgirls with me today!

We played with Playdoh at home after hanging out at Chic-Fil-A.

I put Everly to bed but Penelope preferred to watch Super Why and draw with a marker. This is a hotdog in a bun.

But you knew that!
Went for a 12.07 mile bike ride.

I did wear my fitness device, but it wasn’t working properly. It gave me super low numbers. No way I had a resting heart rate with as hard as I was going! Normally, I try to push myself hard enough that I can’t really talk that well between breaths. I quote scripture and poetry for over an hour now. Out loud mostly.
I have a calendar now with a set of email release dates. Today, I sent an email blast to the nearly 700 youth directors who have yet to work with us. About 170 plus open the email.

I have nearly 900 on that list. 680 have subscribed to continue to see things. I think that is great seeing that it was a completely cold call generated list from their web sites.

I’m getting WAY more adept at using the Mailchimp platform. It takes some getting used to!

Admin duties now.

I have an edition of Verbal Surgery that I recorded that I need to put on my computer. I’ll probably release and edition of VS this evening, since the grandgirls are coming over early tomorrow.

I also will add a few more dreams that I had early this morning to my dream journal. That’s been a fun addition to my day. I record the dreams with a small recorder after they happen. Then go back to sleep. I average about three different dreams every night. Usually in the early morning when the REM states are longer.

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