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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Coins! Candy! Bike! 5.5.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:39 pm  

I overslept this morning. Happens. Didn’t make Church.

Brain Training and EspaƱol.

My coffee maker wasn’t acting right this morning. Had to go get my kahawa from QT.

Later this afternoon, I completely cleaned it out and discovered a tea bag that was clogging the drain into the heater part. Fixed!

Went to a coin show in Marietta to get some ancient coins for my friends in Canada. It wasn’t this show, but you get the idea!

I’m reading Tim Ferris’ book “4 Hour Work Week.” Some interesting points.

One of the interesting ideas he posits is that the opposite of happiness is boredom. Viktor Frankl said a similar thing.

After the coin show, I went to Sabor do Brazil. Got to practice a little Portuguese.

I like to take lots of small gifts for the people that I’ll get to meet in Toronto. One of my favorites is candy from different countries. I’ll wrap up pieces individually and give them to people I like. On this trip, I’ll also have small pieces of zebra skin, small meteorites and red thread from the Holy Land. People are astonished by stuff like that!

Went by FBC Doraville to check on the mail.

Also took a quick stop at Hoa Da to see my friend Dr. Nguyen. We’ll be bringing teams over there soon!

To the bank to deposit checks. Amen!

Walmart for groceries.

There were three cop cars to cover this accident. How does someone run into a big yellow pole? Ay, caramba!

I decided to learn the Hebrew version of our alphabet! Right to left.

Went for a 14.85 mile bike ride. Not sure why it gives me different distances when I ride almost exactly the same trail! I went slower on purpose today. When your heart rate is slower, you burn fat, but it’s not a cardio workout.

I’ve really enjoyed my bike. So much better for me than running.

I told Ashley I was, “half up.”

Had fun this evening coloring this picture.

Watered my green friends. My plants are really flowering!

Admin duties now.

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