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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Thunderstorms! Fish! Oil! Linda! 6.8.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:37 pm  

Brain Training!

Tremendous thunderstorms rolled through the ATL today. Reminded me of one of my favorite passages that I quote daily. Psalms 68:33-35.


On the weekends, I study Hebrew.

I heard from my mentor Fred Sorrells today. He’s always doing amazing things for the Lord. I met a new friend this week at Ashiana’s at Global Mall. He’s a director of a hospital back in India that does work with paraplegics. I thought Fred might like to get in touch with him.

I’m adding a new part to my morning routine. I always lift light weights and stretch. After watching The Peaceful Warrior movie, I’m adding a yoga/martial arts routine created by Dan Millman, the main character in the movie and an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics. I used to do Tai Chi regularly, but my knees gave me problems. Since riding the bike, my knees are a lot better and I hope that this exercise will be great for me. The whole routine takes about four minutes.

I went to Moes for lunch and afterwards went to Nemo’s fish shop. I like to look at the fish sometimes. The coral is also awesome.

Art by God.

After lunch, I called my buddy Bob Burns in Scotland. He’s always a hoot.

During that call, I received another call from my friend Jon Paul, which I sent to voicemail.
After I hung up with Bob, I listened to the voice mail and to my horror the message said that Jon’s wife, Linda, had died yesterday! I was in complete shock by this news and immediately went to Jon’s house where all his children had already gathered. We talked for a couple of hours. Incredible how fragile life is. I learned that lesson so thoroughly when I shot news for all those years.

I was looking for some Bible verses that I had learned and written on cards and I came up with this business card. SMP is the new owner of Cumberland Courts. I know we’ve had work at Bedford Park, so I hope that we can continue to work at CC as well. It’s my favorite after Azalea.

Went to Walmart to get some oil for Kathy’s truck. Turns out that the kind that I had 5w-30 would work just fine. I had to ask the folks at the auto parts store to make sure.

Paid bills. I had to use about half my savings to zero out my MasterCard bill. I know I have money coming from my mileage and as a reimbursement for my Amazon expenditures for Whirlwind.

My PC is not acting right. I’ve been using my Mac for months, but from time to time still do work on it. I produce the newsletter on it. I continue to shift jobs over to the Mac. I’m talking with Jesse to figure out how to copy all the information on the PC onto an external hard drive in case it completely stops working. The video card seemed to be acting up last night. Never good.

Admin duties now.

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