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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Westside! Bike! 6.919

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:32 pm  

Rained nearly 3″ yesterday.


I enjoyed this article on William Blake, perhaps my favorite poet.

Brain Training.

Reviewed where these passages were located. I knew the scripture, just was fuzzy on which went with which.

And this section from Seth Godin’s blog.


Today is June 9th. That means I have been taking cold showers for two months straight! Last week, I was with the grand girls and gave them a hot shower. I got in there with them and felt like I was being cooked. I never, ever, thought I’d get into cold showers, but I have.

I also weighed in at 167 lbs, which is about what I weighed when I got married 33 years ago. Feel great!
Went to Westside this morning.

Pastor Ben spoke on evangelism and the needs of the lost and the promises of God from Psalms 91.

I liked this passage from The Art of Learning by Josh Waizkin. He was a chess and Tai Chi champion.

I thought about these blue morphos when I was in the Amazon jungle today.

And these quotes from Tim Ferris’ newsletter.

I had a friend of mine in the Philippines suggest getting into Will Eisner’s art. I got a couple of graphic novels he did. Looking forward to them!

I love NYC!

And optical illusions!

I enjoy Jim Carrey’s ideas.

My wisteria seems to be doing well.

Finally stopped raining! Enjoyed getting Black Beauty back on the road.

Rode 17.68 miles.

I usually take something to study.

I biked down Puckets to see what the road work was doing. The road is blocked off to through traffic.

Admin duties now.

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