Whirlwind Missions

Monday, October 7, 2019

Podcast! Anthony! Shopping! 10.7.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:17 pm  

I was supposed to go to Ashley’s house this morning to watch the girls but they weren’t feeling well, and neither was I. Needed a rest day!


While I was putting up the laundry, I pulled a muscle in my back. That’s not zesty.

Recorded a new episode of Verbal Surgery called, “Intention Attention.”

Great talk with my buddy, Anthony.

Went to do the grocery shopping.

I liked these stickers and signs while doing it.

I’ll probably use them as episode titles for Verbal Surgery.
I bought a new orchid to add to my collection. Never seen a yellow one before!

Admin duties now and resting my back and trying to get over being sickish.

Played some games.

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