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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Stone Mountain! Stir Fry! Podcast! 5.20.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:42 pm  

Much cooler day today.

Down into the 50s!

Studied Spanish and did some verb work.

Brain training.

Using a new radar app now. Showed some rain going through our area.

Went to Stone Mountain to make some phone calls.

Had a good chat with my buddy Anthony Jacquin who is teaching me some cooking skills.

It’s less than 5 miles from my house to Stone Mountain. Takes around 10 minutes so that’s hardly any time at all. I like it when there’s hardly anyone there!

I came home and chopped onions and cooked them and mixed up vegetables for stir fry. Used my new wok for the first time. Had General Tso‘s sauce with it and was excellent!

Made a order for groceries.

Recorded a new episode of Verbal Surgery called, “Ramped up/Amped up!”

Had a good talk with my buddy Dan Smith in Dallas.

Fun day and always good to learn new skills!

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