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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Grandgirls! Stone Mountain! Cemetery! 7.22.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:41 pm  

I studied Spanish this morning. I still need to do my brain training, I’ll do that later tonight.

Had the girls come over early today. Always a blessing.

We worked on reading and recognition of letters.

Had breakfast then we went to Stone Mountain to the lake there and enjoyed feeding the geese.

Had a great talk with my buddy Anthony while I was there. The girls enjoyed meeting their uncle Anthony.

Penelope made a little graveyard with pinecones because I told her we were going to go visit the graveyard at Stone Mountain later.

We enjoyed watching the cable cars come down.

It was the first time I’ve gone out to eat at a restaurant in over three months. We wore masks inside the restaurant then sat outside by ourselves so I felt we were safe.

Then to visit the graveyard at Stone Mountain. It’s an unusual place because some of some of the carvings including one that has KKK on it.

It was another hot day at 99°.

I did the squirrel taxi job.

Picked up groceries at Walmart.

Studied Spanish verbs.

Put all the groceries inside after cleaning them.

I rode my bike 10.84 miles. Got caught in a rainstorm.

Listened to radio from Madrid and Harry Potter in Spanish.

Thankfully, Kathy was able to come and get me.

Penelope and I talked about the dinosaurs that used to be at Stone Mountain. I told her they weren’t there anymore. Then I saw this advertisement on Facebook. It’s like Zuckerberg is listening to everything I’m saying. It’s pretty weird.

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