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Monday, July 27, 2020

Anthony! Podcast! Front Yard! 7.27.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:02 pm  

Studied Spanish did my brain training. Surprised?

Had a great talk my buddy Anthony today.

I recorded an episode of Verbal Surgery today called “Future Self.” Got that on my computer so I can upload it later next week.

Came home, had a brief rest, then started mowing my yard. It was a hot day. With 49% humidity it felt like 97. I was absolutely drenched with sweat. It really is astonishing how strong I am these days.

It’s a big job that took me 2.15 hours.

Besides mowing, I also edged and blew all the debris.

Looks much better now.

Worked on trimming up the pink magnolia in my front yard to make it look more like a tree rather than a shrub.

After I finished all the yard work, I cleaned the bird baths and cleaned and refilled the hummingbird feeders.

Swept my back porch area.

Looking forward to having the little girls tomorrow.

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