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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Grandgirls! River! 8.11.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:04 pm  

I started my new protocol of meeting Ashley at Global Mall this morning. She doesn’t have to drive all the way to my house to drop off the girls. Seems like a good compromise.

Had a fun chat with Anthony while I waited for Ashley to arrive.

Kathy got to say hello to them before she had to go to work this morning.

We spent some time studying the common feeder birds. I have a lot, it’s almost like being in a birdcage.

Had about an inch of rain yesterday.

I took the girls back to the river by the gristmill at Stone Mountain. It’s a beautiful little place to splash round.

Lots of lovely flowers and swallowtail butterflies to watch.

While they took their nap, I went to Walmart to pick up the groceries.

Miles came and got them around 5 o’clock.

I got a 15.26 mile bike ride in.

I stopped several places to break branches out of the sidewalk where a ride. I very rarely ride on the road except for in communities with little traffic. It’s just too dangerous in my humble opinion.

I spent about the first hour just going through all the poetry that I know. This is one of the four cards that I use to make sure I’ve done it all.

Listened to radio from Madrid for the last thirty minutes of my ride.

Gorgeous clouds today.

I saw a gaggle of geese on my route today. This morning on the way home with the girls from Global Mall I saw over 100 geese in a yard. I’ve never seen anything to that level.

Paid bills.

I studied Spanish and did my brain training this evening.

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