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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Podcast! Bike! Yard! 9.20.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:43 pm  

I enjoyed reading an article by Ryan Holiday this morning. Here are a couple of pieces from it.

I studied Spanish and did my brain training.

Read some other articles and looked up a word I wasn’t sure about. “Anodyne.”

Beautiful day today.

Studying a poem by Rumi.

Went to Stone Mountain and recorded an episode of Verbal Surgery called “Off The Leash.” Always good.

Rode my bike 8.74 miles.

Came home and did yardwork.

Mowed the grass.

The back yard was becoming a jungle.

Picked up limbs.

I’ve certainly gotten great use out of my Gorilla Cart!

Used the weed whacker on the curbs.

Blew the porch and the driveway.

Looks a lot better now. Worked out about three hours today.

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