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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Grandgirls! Art Project! 12.31.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:49 pm  

Wasn’t sure I really knew the definition of this word. I’ve seen it a lot.

I was telling a friend about my One Year Bibles. The older one has been with me for over 32 years.

Fog this morning.

Tee hee.

Never too much Ashley!

Love these girls!

Gassed up the car. It didn’t give me any trouble topping it off this time. Good news.

Cleaned the windshield. Checked the oil.

Studied Spanish.

Cleaned and refilled birdbaths and feeders.

Cleaned off the carpet in front of my door.

I set up an art project for the girls.

She got tickled because she was acting like the paint was soap and she was “washing her hands.”

They both had a great time.

I encourage them to be prolific.

We did some drawing. She was drawing Penelope when she was a baby and had “tiny eyes.”

I drew a Christmas tree and she put on the ornaments.

She’s the young lady about town.

Paid the electric bill. They said they didn’t get the last check I sent. Weird, yet not that weird. Post Office messes up quite a bit in my experience.

The girls and I watched the new version of Lion King together this afternoon before a nap. Really good. We’ve listened to some of the songs on the album at least a hundred times. Probably more. Same with “Let it Go.”

The girls and I took a letter for my buddy Neyten to help him with his DACA application.

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