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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Capital! Grandgirls! Yard Work! Bubbles! 1.7.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:54 pm  

I was so sad and angry about the rioters at the Capital! What lunacy has Trump caused by his mendacity? Here are some of the best comments to help me to remember what happened.

Consequences for Trump.

Paid bills.

Beautiful sunrise.

Picked up the girls at Global Mall. We don’t go in any more.

Worked in my garden. Refilled all the feeders.

I have the trap out, but didn’t see many squirrels.

Refilled the bird baths.

Picked up a lot of sticks and put them in my compost area.

Cleaned out the St. Francis shrine.

I put a rubber band to keep this whirligig at the right pace on the wire.

Weather turned rainy.

Swept off carpet outside my door.

I’m very curious about lichens and mushrooms as well as insects. Wasn’t sure if this was another type of lichen or some kind of egg pod or what exactly. That’s why I love nature!

I’ve really gotten a lot of great use out of my Gorilla Cart. I use it all the time. It is so much better using that cart rather than carrying 50 lb bags of dog food or bird seed.

Everly helped me drag sticks.

One of the containers in my fridge broke. Cleaned off the old superglue and redid it.

I spray one side with a fixer or drying agent to make it get hard super fast.

I also superglued one of the wings of these solar light up things.

The girls and I had fun with bubbles.

I also made big bubbles. It was fantastic for them today. Very high humidity.

I called this “Winter swimming.” But it wasn’t very fun.

We cooked brownies.

Everly helped me so I let her choose licking the whisk or the bowl.

We went back to the mission soon after. She fell asleep right at the end of the ride.

She likes a racing game.

Studied Spanish.

Poured down rain. I went to check on a couple of the kids, but no-one was home.

When I realize I have something one of the girls will need the next day, I try and let Ashley know. Looking for shoes that don’t exist is a real bummer.

I stopped by my office to check the mail and to pick up nail polish for Everly.

I’ve improvised a solution to the crappy elbow rests in my car. From time to time I have to retape it to the door.

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