Whirlwind Missions

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Grandgirls! Stone Mountain! 1.16.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 12:31 pm  

Cold day that turned nice!

Always great to be with my girls!

We had fun playing restaurant and research facility. Everly created a vaccine for the infrovirus. Whatever that is.

Penelope helped me set up the squirrel trap. We use bird seed for bait.

Up the Sky Rail for our morning safari.

Beautiful clouds.

I couldn’t get over how circular this hole was on the mountain top.

Studied Spanish.

They’ve added a lot of new categories, so you start back at level zero. I’ve gone back to testing out of the level until it gets harder.


I took the grandgirls over to Miles’ parent’s house to spend the night. Miles and Ashley are working on Saturday.
We enjoyed watching Frozen 2 together before they left.

Picked up the groceries before I came home.

I liked this quote.

A friend sent me these from Hawaii.

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