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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Grandgirls! Azalea! 11.11.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:06 pm  

Dave and his wife worked with us seven years ago. Their family gave a substantial donation to our ministry. THANKS!


I upgraded to the new IOS (Apple’s operating system) 15 last night. I’m still learning a few things about it. The weather app looks different.

Love my girls! It’s Ashley’s birthday this weekend. She’s going on a trip with Miles and a few friends. Happy Birthday, Ash! You’re the BEST!


I sent a small gift to the Ropers. Went to the Post Office to get stamps and put it in the mail. I always do my best to involve Everly. I make everything a learning experience for her.

We went to the Goose Park today.

There was a little breeze so I broke out the squid kite. Not enough wind to keep it aloft. Squid Game is an International hit so I think it’s cool to have that kite.

We went to Hot n Cold to eat. I had her try three different kinds of chicken.

When we got back to Azalea, we both had a nap. Hers was a lot longer than mine!

Picked up Penelope from the bus. I enjoy her art.

We played Crazy 8. It’s a good matching game. She beat me 5-4.

We also went through her reading folder. Reviewed names of letters and the sounds they make. Also studied types of blend sounds. She’s very bright. My hardest challenge is knowing when to stop working. As long as she’s engaged and having some fun, we keep going. Sometimes that’s just a few minutes. Other times it’s over a hour.

I found the blend with Spanish very interesting.

Helped the kids with their homework. We focused on multiplication tables. The little kids I teach to draw shapes or just get used to manipulating markers or crayons.

Beautiful clouds. I always love the streaks of light.

Listening to Harry Potter is one of the hardest things I do in studying Spanish. I like the series because the voice actor, Carlos Ponce, is brilliant and also because the vocabulary isn’t super sophisticated. Plenty hard for me!

We have some cold weather coming. I don’t think I’ll keep the carnivorous plants outside much under 40 degrees. That means they’ll be back inside under lights for about a week. They are cold hardy, even below freezing, but that’s when they’re planted in the ground, which is substantially warmer than in a pot.

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