Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cold! Mission!

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:13 pm  

Still very cold and damp here. I’m trying to stay inside as much as possible. I’m glad it started clearing off! Sure was beautiful this evening.


Enjoyed working with the kids at the mission.

They like my Perpleus puzzle. I’m still stuck at obstacle 20. The total puzzle has 125 steps. Nearly got 20 twice today.

Are you smarter than a second grader?

Many of my Bengali kids are still wearing flipflops. It was in the low 40s.

Admin duties now. Spent over an hour uninstalling programs and deleting add ons in my browser to stop the problem I was having uploading pictures. Sure does take time to figure stuff out.

Enjoying reading Smarter Than We Think” by Clive Thompson.
A very up beat book about how technology is improving our lives. I totally agree. I like his term “infinite memory.” Relates to how we can look anything up in a matter of seconds and how people are so archiving their lives that their memory approaches the infinite. Fascinating stuff.

Also liked Bill Gates’ editorial article in Wired magazine this month.

I’m trying to figure out what causes this zipper formation on con trail clouds.

These are from two different planes. Only certain areas get this pattern. I think it has to do with the engines in the plane synching up momentarily which produces a more concentrated section. Like oscillations on a pendulum.

High level ice crystals give the moon a halo.

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