Whirlwind Missions

Monday, November 2, 2020

Chris! Anthony! Podcast! Carnivores! 11.2.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:26 pm  

Enjoying reading Inevitable.

Studied Spanish.

Beautiful, clear day.

Brain Training.

I’m really enjoying my new phone.

My carnivorous plants need to have a dormant season. I got them into their outside tray and took them outside. This evening I decided to bring them back in because it’s so cold.

Scary Pumpkin returning to the elements.

I enjoyed a great chat with my buddy Anthony. I actually called him twice between other calls.

Had a counseling session with another buddy of mine going through a rough time.

Recorded a new episode of Verbal Surgery called, “Instant Me!”

Did a study on Tae Kwon Do. I’m doing a version of Verbal Surgery called “Talk Kwon Do” soon.

Came up with some new titles for the show.