Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Español! Walk! Yard Work! 5.4.23

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:25 pm  

Work outs last month.



Finished taking the tests for K.

Beatiful day.

Called my mechanic to set up an appointment to get the oil in my car changed. K helped me drop it off this evening.

Podcasts from Spain.

I’ve transitioned from using my lawn mower to my weed whacker. Way less pollution, noise, and carbon emissions. I’m still learning the best ways to use it. Shortening and lengthening as well as swapping primary arms are all skills that have to be learned.

I cut a half acre. Here are the before shots.

Also picked up three carts worth of sticks.

I pulled big mats of this weed up. It was like a slightly sticky carpet.

The rain and sun really makes it grow fast. Nearly 2.5″ of rain the last few days.

Lotsa whacking.

My recycling pit. I never burn anything. Just recycles by mycelium.

The weed whacker does a good job. Way greener to use. All electric. Not even batteries.

I probably spooled out more wire fifty times at least.

Then blew. It’s the same class of tool. Both from Amazon Greenworks.

It was pretty hard work, but still way better than mowing.

I will still study more Spanish this evening.