Whirlwind Missions

Friday, May 12, 2023

Jon! PE! Pool! 5.12.23

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:12 pm  

Always learning new words.


Mild. Not much rain.


I was afraid to get rained on so I “just” walked up and down my hill. I think around 15 times. And my hill is STEEP. So good exercise. I actually jogged up the hill the last time because it started raining.

I finally got together with my buddy Jon Paul today. We usually have lunch about once a month. He’s had some physical challenges and it’s been about three months or so. We had a great time yakking.

I like this one too. It’s not really just one guy but a whole team that does stuff.
Plus a lot of call in folks.

So many meanings with some of these words.

It kept missing us.

We enjoyed the pool at the park. The inside pool was warmer today. It was way easier for me to watch the girls inside. The shape of the outside pool is hard to tell where it gets too deep for them.

I took the girls to Metro Cafe after the swim. K met us there. Perfect timing.


Death by Chocolate cake.

This was a gigantic bite. HUGE.

Chipmunk look.

So sweet.

Took them home. Bathed. Brush teeth. Tell some stories. Wait till they crash.

Did my homework. Consistent effort is the key.