Whirlwind Missions

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Walk! Anthony! Mail Box! Bike! Tow! 5.20.23

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:07 pm  

The silver section is the part that the doctor will put under Jessi’s scalp on June 22nd.

We got the date for the surgery confirmed last night.

I thought this was an interesting part of Seth Godin’s blog.

Climate change with an El Niño in effect is going to be really harsh.

I’ve been listening to this podcast a lot lately. They are from Mexico which sounds quite different from the Spain Spanish I’ve been listening to for years.



Had a fun chat with my buddy Anthony. He’s in London today.

I got my new suitcase in. I transferred the stuff from my old one into it.

This bag served me well, but a wheel busted rendering it basically useless. It’ll head for the dump on Tuesday.

Cleaned my shoes.

Walked 1.72 miles while I studied.

This will be cool!

Warm today. Some sprinkles this evening.

Ordered some new safety glasses.

Replaced the mounting system for my mailbox. Cleaned off the old board and screws.

Took the old screws out of the mailbox board.

Got my tools out. Included the extension cords, drill and screws/nails.

This is the new mounting board that I primed with spray paint yesterday.

Took the old screws out of the mailbox.

Hammered the mounting board into the stand. I pre-drilled holes to keep the board from splitting.

Drilled holes for the new screws.

Sturdy! I need to clean the mail box off again.

I cleaned out the box I keep my outdoor tools and extension cords today.

Put everything back in the box. Now it will close!

Rode my bike 12.12 miles. Listened to the Piolin Spanish podcast.

I tried to get my new Rode microphone to work with my iPhone today. Never could get my phone to connect to the external mic. I’ll have to call tech support on Monday.

Kathy went to get some cold medicine and her truck wouldn’t start. I came to jump her off, to no avail. Had to get a tow truck from AAA to get her car. Took about three hours of waiting before he showed up.

I redid the timer for one set of my plants.

Keep pushing.