Whirlwind Missions

Monday, May 22, 2023

Walk! Anthony! Yard! Plants! 5.22.23

Tim A. Cummins @ 5:51 pm  

Ashley contacted us this morning. Everly wasn’t feeling well so she stayed home with her today. I stayed home to take care of K who also isn’t feeling well. Turned out lucky because K’s car is still in the shop. So far they still haven’t been able to figure out why it wouldn’t start Saturday evening and had to be towed. It started for them just fine. Weird.

Great effort last week. Came in second place.

I went over 1,000,000 XP total points today. That’s rare for a person to do. Almost all of those points have been made in the last two years.

We look forward to this.



Felt like it was getting ready to rain all day long. Never did at my house.

I’m thinking I need to plant my banana trees. I think they’re getting root bound. I need to get more soil first. You dig a hole bigger than the pot and line it with good potting soil. That lets the plant adapt to the new soil conditions a little more gradually.

I asked Miles about it to since he’s an arborist.

Walked 1.71 miles.

Had a fun talk with my buddy Anthony.

I called Publix and J’s doctor about her meds. Still haven’t gotten it taken care of.

I contacted RODE about my new microphone for my iPhone. I have to do a firmware update on my mic before it’ll work. I need to have a new cable to interface with the mic and my Mac. Ordered that too. I had to know the model and what OS I was currently using before I talked with RODE about my mic.

Getting these cables is kind of complicated. USB-C to Thunderbolt or USB-4. Male to male adaptor.

Also had to download the RODE Central app onto my Mac Air.

Cleaned all of my birdbaths.

One of my little tea roses is looking fantastic.

Future beauty.

Watered my indoor garden.