Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Hike! PE! Lowes! Plants! Rain! 6.5.24

Tim A. Cummins @ 5:26 pm  

That’s not zesty.

Keep going.


Muggy and hot.

Kathy and Jessi helped the girls with their school work this morning.

This morning I started the final unit of the Duolingo Spanish course. My guess is they’ll add more to it eventually. Spanish is the second most studied language after English.

This morning I started a project on plants with the girls. We got the potting mix and flower at Lowes.

I thought there was a nice assortment. I let them choose from certain types of flowers that will do well at their house and in their room.

We came home and the girls helped me get the Gorilla cart going. Tires needed air.

It’s rained over 3″ in the last few days. Glad I got the gutters cleaned out.

LT for lunch.

Chose some pots for the flowers at Dollar (.25) Tree.

After the rain, you can see advection fog forming over the parking lot.

I ordered a lime squeezer for K. She said she didn’t really want it.

We went to Walmart to get a few things including some small ice creams. Enjoyed that at the house. Jesus asked us “Where’s mine?!”