Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bret and Susie Cox

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:07 pm  

I had a fun day today!

I ate lunch with Kathy and Jesse.

Jesse and I went over to Bayo’s place.


I got him some software and a headset so he can speak into a microphone and the computer types! Super cool! I think it’s going to help his ministry a lot. Jesse got the thing working. He’s always a blessing to me.

We met up with Bret and Susie Cox at my office at FBC Doraville.

They are missionaries in training at Global Frontiers Missions on their way to Bangkok, Thailand.

We had a fun talk with Pastor Bill Kelly at FBC Doraville too.

They’re interested in working in Bangkok, so we went by the local Buddhist temple in the area. We’re trying to find out where the Thai people gather.

Still working on my archiving process. I’m really happy with the the Newsletter section of the website looks. J’s done some excellent work on that.

Not sure if you read Ashley’s blog or not. Always worth checking out!

I saw this statue in an office this afternoon.